Our mindset is the seed of all success

Our mindset is the seed of all success.
If you give 3 people the same idea, one person may do nothing with it, one person may do something with it but stop before they reach success and the last person may take that one idea, see its potential, create a strategy, execute that plan and turn it into a success.
All 3 people had the same idea, the same seed. One did not plant the seed. The second planted the seed but gave up after they did not see it grow into a tree. The third planted the seed and nurtured it so that it grew into a blossoming tree, a success.
Our mindset is crucial as it helps us to plant the seed of success. Our mindset helps us to see opportunity as opposed to risk. It causes us to act from faith instead of fear. It leads us to take a calculated risk as opposed to wasting our whole life merely calculating.
Our mindset causes us to take action. Our mindset dictates whether we take the first step in faith, or simply just stand on the sides watching. It dictates whether we are a player or a spectator. It dictates whether we want to be in control of our life or whether we want our life to be controlled by others.
Our mindset affects our plan. A small mindset creates a small goal and a small plan to reach that goal. An abundant mindset creates an abundant goal and a strategic plan to reach that goal.
Our mindset affects our journey. Our mindset dictates who we allow into our journey. A limited mindset protects, hoards and resists help for every action is limited and driven by protection. A limitless mindset welcomes and embraces every opportunity and every person, for it is limitless and driven by possibility.
Our mindset affects our challenges. To a limited mindset, a small challenge is a mountain too high to climb. To an abundant mindset, even the largest obstacle is just merely a stepping stone.
Our mindset affects our destination. A limited mindset will cause us to stagnate and to regress, each day is a day wasted, a step further from our dreams. An abundant mindset is the source of all growth, each day is lived abundantly and is a giant leap towards our goals.
Our mindset is everything. It is the seed of opportunity, the fuel for persistence, the spring of motivation, the catalyst of action and the very epicentre of everything we do.
Protect your mindset to protect your life. Grow your mindset to change your life.