Do You Think You’re An Entrepreneur?


Do You Think You’re An Entrepreneur?
Everybody Wants To Be An Entrepreneur These Days.
But not everybody, has it in them to be a entrepreneur tbh.
People see a lot of these “Entrepreneur" success stories, and they decide to become an entrepreneur overnight.
They see Bill Gates, and try to dropout of school and make some stuff happen, but entrepreneurism is something beyond just Dropping Out Of College.
Trust me, it’s not so easy.
These guys who become “over-night" entrepreneurs are a bunch of cry babies looking for instant gratification. If bad stuff happens, they run to their mom/ spouse, they blame everybody else for what happened rather taking complete responsibility.
If you’re a person who’s always looking for instant gratification, or confirmation from another person to do something or even if you’re just looking for some attention, Entrepreneurship is probably not for you.
You want to know why you have failed so far and keep continuing to fail?
When was the last time you ever made an independent move without asking for advice or taking a command from another person?
How many did you seek confirmation from your friends or family that your business will work out? and how many times did they tell you “it won’t"?
Let me tell you the single fact…
The reason your not successful right now, is because you don’t really think like an entrepreneurial rebel.
Rebels don’t need permission, I don’t need confirmation from either my family or my Mom or even my friends on whether my stuff will work or not. Honestly, I don’t even give a fuck, I just make moves.
I don’t need confirmation from another person saying everything is right or I can go do something, that is just a waste of time and as a entrepreneur you have to realise that wasted time is wasted money.
I’ve seen a lot of you guys out there, you keep relying on talking to your wife or family on making a Single fucking decision to get completely committed to your business and taking it to the next level.
People who tell you they need to talk to their wife or girl before joining your mastermind or coaching program, or whatever are “Not Entrepreneurs".
I don’t wait for anybody’s permission or approval to do something.
If I want something I Buy it, if i want to go somewhere I go there, and If I want to make money - I MAKE IT.
You don’t need approval, you don’t need somebody else to come up to you and tell you “Oh, Yea let’s try it", just start to make independent decisions.
Second most important thing i’ve noticed is…..
When I point to the faults in the funnels of most people, the only thing I hear from people is “Oh, my mentor TOLD me to do it that way".
Two parts of what I want to speak about here :-
1. The Guy who usually guides you to making these faults is doing nothing but making money doing nothing but teaching you is blind theory. Infact I know a lot of people who’ve did some stuff like this before, they just teach theory and make all their money teaching it and their principles don’t really apply in your market/niche. So be careful who you listen to….
2. Never Take Commands From People - If I could name one thing that differentiates me from the wide variety is that i’ve always done what I wanted to do. I would take my mentor’s advices and techniques but apply them if I only feel they’re right instinctually. My self-belief of my skills is very high, i’m very instinctual. Infact i invent most of the concepts i use in my marketing. Listen guys, I don’t want to confuse you here. If you find a good mentor who’s willing to teach you the strategy or formula to achieve your goals, then follow him to the T, but always question yourself the motives. Don’t be the guy who just copies and pastes stuff and makes some quick money, be the guy who can take the info learnt and make it more powerful and efficient.
Only take advices from people, never take commands.
People say “Oh, my copywriter told me to do this" or “My lawyer told me to do this". First of all, don’t be fucking sheepish. Your lawyer or copywriter is a lawyer or copywriter, who’s the boss?
Of course, you are.
If you are the Boss, why do you want to just get something done as another person commanded it to be done?
Look into it, see the positives and negatives and then tell them to go for it.
You must at all times be the main man in the business and make sure that you are the guy taking the decisions and not the “Tax" guy or the “Copywriter".
Always be in control, don’t wait for confirmation.
Don’t look for acceptance, or any other kind of shit.
And Don’t carry out commands laid by other people, instead trust your instincts and question the persons motives behind the command and judge both negative and positive side of it.
Be tough, be ruthless and have a driving desire to win.